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Relentless Dandelions Behavioral Support strives to become a partner with caregivers of all kinds in hopes of helping them and their children thrive. This is done through private parent sessions or group sessions where coaching/teaching provides skills to build relentless relationship through connection, compassion and co-regulation by changing the perspective of how the behavior of children is seen.

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I am a faith filled woman that believes everything happens for a reason and for a purpose in all circumstances. I am married to my hard working husband and we have 3 perfectly imperfect children. I enjoy painting and crocheting when the business of life allows. My children are my entire world and I love them more than anything, but I like many parents wonder if I am succeeding at the most important job I have; being their parent.


I also adore several other children whom I treat as my own many hours a week. My career has primarily consisted of being a preschool teacher of 20+ years. As I drive home each night I reflect and like with my own children, I wonder if I am succeeding at meeting the needs of my students beyond academically…but mentally, emotionally and socially as well.


How I got here:

In 2012 my husband and I adored our then 4 year old daughter, but still struggled with the questioning of our 2010 miscarriage. In 2012, it was only by God's grace and His divine plans we received a call to foster/adopt our great niece and nephew. We soon discovered that parenting them was different and challenging. This led us to seek help of any kind and eventually we were led to attend an eye opening trauma training. This training changed the way we saw our children and it forced us to take a good look at ourselves! We learned that we needed to meet our children where they were. We needed to change ourselves; not our children. We learned how to see  beyond their behaviors. We discovered that their behavior was a form of communication.

I have since continued my education through various training's, book studies and the guidance of other professionals. In 2021 I obtained certification as a parent coach through The Jai Institute of Parenting. In 2023 I began a program titled, “Being With” created, taught and led by Robyn Gobbel. This program taught the neurobiology of the brain and how it develops and how trauma can alter its development.​

My hopes:

My hopes are to coach you by partnering with you! To guide you as you navigate the challenges of caretaking while sharing the very same tools that I've used with my students, their parents, colleagues and in my own parenting.

I decided to take this step into coaching and partnering because I once needed (and still need) someone with the real life experiences that understands the development side, the  emotional side and the, "I don't know what else to do side..." of caring for dysregulated children.


It is my ultimate desire to meet with you, listen to you and walk with you on a journey to becoming a caregiver that sees children in a new way!

A way that shows you how to build relentless relationship through compassion, connection and co-regulation.

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Personal sessions occur in a minimum of 3 meetings. Personal sessions are for up to two caretakers. These sessions are intended to give you a safe space to be heard, felt and seen. It is the intent that you be met right where you are with your child. The goal is for us to connect with one another on a level that feels like a partnership as we journey together through the offering of my guidance, tools and resources.


Trainings are for groups of 5 individuals or more. There are several options when it comes to hosting a group training.
-The basics training provides a basic understanding of how behaviors are a form of communication. This training is a minimum of 2hrs.
-The standard training provides a quick look into the development of the brain and the stages of development. It also includes the basic understanding of how behaviors are a form of communication and ends with sharing some tools on how to regulate to communication. This training is approx: 3hrs.-
-The ultimate training covers the basics training and the standard training in more depth with more tools as well as resources, discussion breakouts and materials to take with you. *This training is available in several hourly breakdowns to be determined once we connect.

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